"Nolan is an articulate and thoughtful teacher who enables his clients to be the best version of themselves. Simply put, he has a knack for it."

- Joshua D Cooper

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Cultivating a More Purposeful Life

"Our 7-year-old son Michael has been seen by Nolan Shaffer over the past year for Fitlight, Interactive Metronome & RPM (Spelling). During that time our son has blossomed into a boy that is stronger, aware and more confident. Nolan has truly been a partner to our family. Along with being extremely approachable and warm, he has given us valuable advice on ways to incorporate exercises at home."
- Sarah Russel

"Nolan has partnered with our son Noah to do Interactive Metronome and now Special Fit (fitness). His unflappable demeanor paired with his knowledgeable technique has helped Noah exceed his goals of greater body control and purposeful motor planning. Nolan is even keeled, respectful and reassuring in his approach, adjusting the activity pace and difficulty based on Noah's uniqueness. He has the rare ability of seeing the competence and potential beneath Noah’s non speaking autistic quirkiness."
- Nadine and David Seback

"In regards to the person and character of Nolan Shaffer, I could not speak more highly of his humble character and commitment to others and my company Cooper Fitness as a whole. As the owner and CEO of Cooper Fitness, I have known Nolan for almost 3 years and have seen him involved in the general life of my company Cooper Fitness and also specifically in the service to our clientele in personal experiences as well as group involvement. Nolan Shaffer is a commendable young man and warrants consideration. Nolan was faithful and reliable in his overall work attendance as well as his punctuality."
- Joshua D Cooper

"My daughter did Special Fit with Nolan and loved it! She is normally anti-fitness of any kind, but she thoroughly enjoyed her sessions with Nolan and her endurance and stamina improved from session to session. She always looked forward to working out with him, even after a long day at school. He was always patient, supportive, and encouraging. We highly recommend him!"

"As the parent of a 24-year-old, non-speaking, autistic, young man who throughout his life has been exposed to years and years of a myriad of therapies I can confidently say that I have acquired the ability to know when someone "gets" my kid (and others like him). From our first meeting, I have been impressed with Nolan's competence, understanding and demeanor as I watched him interact with those on the spectrum. Nolan "gets" it."



Monument, CO

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