Teaching intentional movement in order to live a more purposeful life.

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Iceberg Abilities + CooperLife NEW Partnership

Our mission is to bring true health and renewal to our community one person at a time by cultivating and fostering life skills and intentional movement in order to live a more purposeful life.


Presume competence

Intelligence is presumed based upon age rather than performance. I believe speech is a motor disorder rather than a cognitive deficit.

Personalized Care Plans

My plans are delivered
with both passion and science. I will develop personalized training programs that fit your goals.


My heart is for parents
to develop deeper relationships through coaching in communication and fitness.

Safe environment for growth

I create space for individuals to feel safe and accepted while working toward growth.


Creating a safe place for individuals with sensory and motor difficulties is an art. Success requires creativity and adaptation to each individuals unique needs. My passion is in meeting my athletes where they are at, creating a safe space for individuals to be themselves, and trust the process of growth.

My experience and training with disabilities has given me a perspective of what growth looks like for my clients. It is essential to adapt and be creative in order to be successful with the individualized needs of my athletes. Observing the growth in self-confidence, increased motivation and the regulation created from the services I provide has driven me to bring them from Georgia to Colorado.


Corrective Exercise

Improve overall health through improving the brain-body connection and correcting musculo-skeletal imbalances.

Interactive Metronome

Align neuro-timing in the brain in order to improve impulse control, purposeful movement and auditory comprehension.


Develop motor planning, attention span, impulse control, coordination, reaction time and intentional movement.

Spelling to Communicate

Accessing community and education through spelling.

I look forward to helping create a better quality of life, filled with inclusion and opportunities to be contributing members of society.



Monument, CO