Develop motor planning, attention span, impulse control, coordination, reaction time and intentional movement.

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FITLIGHT provides a new, dynamic and visual learning framework to enhance sensory and motor skills, identification and focus, and reactivity. It allows users to engage in functional and social learning by providing motivational exercises for the enhancement of mental capacity, perception and concentration.

Benefits of FITLIGHT

Enhanced attention

Improves attention, sensory processing, motor control and balance in those with neurological impairments by providing an engaging multi-sensory training tool.


Initially developed to improve impulse control and coordination in elite athletes, and recently proven to have therapeutic benefits in rehabilitation settings as well.

Helps with spacial awareness

Promotes neural reorganization for improved functional abilities by enhancing cognition, movement, gait and body awareness in space.

Promotes interest in fitness

Promotes desire for fitness in individuals reluctant to workout by providing light and sound stimulation.

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