"Nolan has truly been a partner to our family. Along with being extremely approachable and warm, he has given us valuable advice on ways to incorporate exercises at home."

- Sarah Russel

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Nolan working with Jamari

Shortly after graduating from Vanguard University of Southern California, with a major in leadership/ministry, I changed career paths when I found that I had a gift for providing a safe space for individuals with sensory and motor needs. I worked as an intensive caregiver for 2 years before being promoted to a manager and trainer for caregivers. During my years as a caregiver, highly trained professionals instructed me and my team to implement many modalities in which we incorporated into the daily life of the man I was caring for. We applied behavioral intervention, speech programs, RPM, intensive diet, medication, and food and cooking regimens to every-day life.

This intensive position prepared me to maintain my own regulation in order to regulate my clients and lead them. In October of 2017, I was hired to provide Special-fit (fitness), Fitlight, Interactive Metronome and Spelling to Communicate to a fitness-based therapy center, named Reclif. Reclif was inspired by Reece Blankenship, a non-speaking autistic man. Reece discovered these services to make a huge impact upon his development. The success of these services in Atlanta has inspired me to bring Reece Blankenship's vision to Colorado.

- Nolan Shaffer


I live in Colorado, but I was born and raised in California. Most recently, I spent about a year and a half in Atlanta, GA. In Georgia I managed and trained caregivers for a few months before getting a job at ReClif.(See: www.Reclif.com)

My wife is an enneagram life coach: I am an enneagram type 5 with a strong 4 wing.

I own a black German Shepherd who is trained to get me items from the fridge.

Hobbies: Rock climbing, backpacking, snowboarding, surfing and fly-fishing

Former care-taking Team Manager / Trainer for individuals with Autism

My brother is a firefighter for Colorado Springs.

High School Football / Wrestler

Favorite author: Henri Nouwen


Only 10% of an Iceberg can be seen above the surface. My services are designed to reveal the depths of individuals with apraxia and motor difficulties.

Cultivating a more Purposeful Life.



Monument, CO

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