Developing intentional movement until it becomes automatic.

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What is Spelling to Communicate?

Spelling to Communicate (S2C) is a teaching modality focused on non-speaking or non-reliable speaking individuals with autism or other individuals with motor planning challenges.

Benefits of Spelling to Communicate

age appropriate lessons

A typical S2C session starts with an age-appropriate lesson and encourages, with prompts, purposeful pointing to letters on a variety of letterboards beginning with large, 9-letter stencil boards and advancing to a 26-letter laminate board to express knowledge, thoughts and emotions.

Specialized solutions for unique learning styles

Once the student is able to
build a solid foundation of accurate spelling and communication, they are introduced to new skills like independent keyboarding, handwriting, and vocalized spelling. The ultimate goal of
S2C is to help the student strengthen neural pathways
in an attempt to greatly
improve motor planning
and fine, motor control.


S2C starts with presuming competence or believing that all individuals have the ability to learn and communicate regardless of their perceived limitations. By presuming competence, we embrace the student's cognitive function and focus on purposeful, motor movements.

For more information on Spelling as a form of communication visit I-asc.org.

I will work closely with the client and family in order to provide age and interest appropriate lessons specifically geared toward each individual.



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